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Boo! Pumpkin carving

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After carving 3 pumpkins over the past 3 years it wouldn;t be right for me to go without carving one this year! Anyway, here’s this years’ carving………….

‘T’ was very impressed with it (even though it was a bit basic compared to others I have done) and thought it was great fun when the lights were turned off to really see the ‘glow’

Remember to head over to ‘Handmade Monday’ for some other crafty folks xx

Here are the other carvings I have done:



2008: modeled by my step-son!

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  1. great carving! looks like you have got some practice with it already!
    those pumpkins will make a fab display on halloween day. i love to looks at them when i am passing by the houses in the streets.

  2. Excellent! These really made me smile – have fun with them! x

  3. I have never carved a pumpkin it looks so difficult, I love the ones you’ve made, especially the hello kitty one. x

  4. I love the inventiveness of your designs – Enjoy!

  5. These are brilliant! I love pumpkin carving but am totally rubbish at it, especially by your standards!!!

  6. Your pumpkin carving is excellent 🙂 Mich

  7. They are all really good – well done – think I like the first one the best.

  8. these are so cooolllllll
    love the boo and hello kitty is amazing we always carve ours too we even grew a few to carve but they are not quite orange but look soo great xxx

  9. Those are awesome! We used to always do a Jack o Lantern when the boys were home, but never anything this cool. 🙂 I love the Jack Skelington, of course, a favorite movie of mine, but they are all great! WOW!

  10. Wow! But I shalln’t be showing them to my daughter – else I shall be slaving away at a Hello Kitty tomorrow night!

  11. Totally fantastic… loved the Hello Kitty. What patience you must have!

  12. WOW I am in awe of your 2008 pumpkin that is just amazing. I like the others to but that one just caught my eye. Wonderful.

  13. What amazing carving talent – your pumpkins put a warm glow in my heart on a miserable day.
    Jo x

  14. These are brilliant – I tried pumpkin carving once and made such a horrendous mess I decided never again – your carvings really make me wish that I could do it!

    Ali x

  15. Love the face one! Another blog featured these painted which was different too.
    Happy Halloween!

  16. I love pumpkin carving, I haven’t done one for a few years and really should of done one this year but was so busy I didn’t have the time, I’ll be more organised next year, that’s a promise!!
    Your carvings are brilliant.

    Jan x

  17. Your 2009 carving is fantastic. Nevrer tried this art before.Maybe next year………
    Hugs Mrs A.


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