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Some pictures from the past week, I haven’t been online very much, ‘T’ has been suffering terribly with her teeth for the last 10 days, she’s only slept through one night (thankfully the night before I needed to go on an 8 mile run in the morning, phew!) and has been waking 5-6 times every night leaving us both exhausted and grumpy. It’s good to know this is just a ‘stage’ and will pass!

My husband brought home a bag full of walnuts last week – how fantastic are these!:

I have dried them in the oven and now they are drying on the side, I hope it works and that they are okay to eat for Christmas! (just think of all the cakes I can make!)

I’ve started to make a tiny Waldorf doll for ‘T’ though it’s proving quite fiddly – it’s currently with ‘T’s Grandma so that she can crochet her a wig – far too tricky for me!:

We found this sweet little shelf at a car boot sale a few weeks ago for a bargain price of two pounds!!! My husband put it up in the kitchen last night and I’m really pleased with it:

It’s been quite chilly here too with the first bit of frost in the morning so I made a batch of muffins, the cinamon, pecan and raisin ones were lovely whilst still warm from the oven with some custard!:

Hope you all had a lovely weekend xx


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