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A bit about the real me

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Well this is a fun thing to do-copy & paste and fill in your own!

A – Age – 30
B – Bed size – double – would love a bigger one day!
C – Chores you hate – Most! Though the iron very rarely gets touched. Unless I’m sewing something.

D – Dogs – Used to have a golden labrador when I was growing up and then an English X American Bulldog more recently – one day I will have a bulldog, a new foundland and a pug 🙂
E – Essential start to your day – black coffee

F – Favorite colour – is rainbow cheating?

G – Gold or silver – silver (or white gold?)
H – Height – Average 5 6″
I – Instruments you play – I got to Grade 4 on the piano but I’m not very good now – would love a piano again one day (along with the dogs and bigger bed………….)
J – Job title – Mummy-wife-house-fairy-cook
K – Kids – 1 truly scrumptious and perfect in every way toddler girl (18 months), 1 step-son (14 yrs) and hopefully at least 5 more children one day!!
L – Live – Wiltshire, SW England, though stayed in Sydney for 6 months and hoping to more to Australia possibly next year – EEEEEEEKKKK!
M – Mother’s name – Grace
N – Nickname – don’t really have one these days

O – Overnight hospital stays – None, had a homebirth.

P – Pet Peeves – Laziness, ignorance, selfishness
Q – Quote from a film – ‘There’s no place like home’ – Ok so I hardly watch any films!
R – Right or left handed – Right
S – Siblings – 1 sister, 1 brother
T – Time you wake up – 6-7am
U – Underwear – Thank G for M&S!
V – Vegetable you hate – Courgettes and broad beans.
W – What makes you run late – Other people!
X – X-rays you’ve had – A few on my shoulder.
Y – Yummy food you make – I try to make most of it yummy but the cakes are probably the best!
Z – Zoo animal – Gorillas


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