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Yellow snood scarf completed!

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Hurrah! My first ‘real’ knitting project completed! I’m really pleased with it – it’s a bit more ‘snug’ than I was hoping for but all the same it will do the job over the winter! I’ve dropped a stitch as well but overall I’m pleased with it. I cast on 130 rows on to 7mm pins and used really chunky acrylic wool.

Now for some snow please!

Don’t forget to head over to ‘Handmade Monday’ to catch up with some other blogs! and of course ‘Small things’ for the ‘Yarn Along’ section t osee some MUCH better knitting jobs than this one!

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  1. Your scarf looks sooooo warm… it!! xx

  2. Looks great and am sure will be nice and cosy when the time comes (but lets hope its not for a while yet!) Mich 🙂

  3. It looks lovely and cosy – I’m sure the snugness will be more than welcome in the depths of winter! x

  4. Wow love that colour! looks lovely and warm :o)

  5. I love snoods and scarves but I favour snoods when the weather is windy as well as cold. BBbbrrrrrr
    Snug is good when it’s really chilly.

    Jan x

  6. I remember when i was younger, my mum used to knit snoods, I dont think that there was a colour that I did not have and By goodness they were warm in the winter. Wish I had a snood this year

  7. Looks beautiful, love that color. Bet that will be warm and snuggy!

  8. Love the banner and of course the scarf – that colour is lovely

  9. NO!!! no snow yet please:) Your snood is lovely. I’ve just made a scarf for my 6 year old niece with Indie wool – very chunky- I need to find a needle/bodkin with a very large eye to finish off the ends.

  10. It turned out really well and I love the chunky wool you used 🙂 We’re waiting for snow here to 🙂

  11. Lovely job–looks so cozy warm! I’m discovering only knitters wish for snow!!! (I’m ready, too!)

  12. Your stitches are so well defined, and the colour is enough to make anyone feel warmer, lovely snood.

  13. congratulations on your first completed object, that’s exciting, and its a very lovely object too.

  14. Congrats on your first project!!! I looks very cozy. .


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