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‘Time to say I love you’ by Clare Walters, Jane Kemp & Illustrated by Penny Dale

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I thought I would share with you this book that we found at the library a couple of weeks ago – we l love it SO much that I just had to buy it for ‘T’. I Love the illustrations and get lost in the pictures myself – this is one of my favourites and hopefully ‘T’ will love it as much as I do for many years to come.

I love the page of them running through the rain, curled up by the fire and tucked up in bed under a lovely patchwork quilt – I especially love the little comforter that the girl in the book has – it looks exactly like the Keptin Jnr  (or better known as a ‘ghostie’ in our home) that ‘T’ has a little collection of and can’t sleep without.

I think the pictures speak for themselves though………..


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  1. Lovely book, precious moments. We loved hug when Lachlan was a baby but he’s too big now for stories about love! It’s all I can do to get a cuddle at the moment.

  2. Looks like beautiful illustrations too :))


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