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Missing Molly…….

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It’s over a year since we said goodbye to our gorgeous, funny-looking, unique, adorable, cheeky, lively dog Molly. I have LOVED bulldogs for ages though know their health problems with breathing and limbs and hate how unfair this is on them, so I did loads of research over a few years and finally we found the right dog for us – an American bulldog x English bulldog. Lovely tempermant, great with children, caring, affectionate, no health problems and a great companion. Perfect.

We decided to get a puppy before having a baby so that we would have a dog for our baby to grow up with, once we had got through the puppy training classes, schooling, adolescent years and all the hard work, little ‘T’ came along and all was good, we started the process of the visa for Australia and then it came down to gettting quotes for getting Molly transported to Australia.

When quote after quote came back with ‘unable to accept any type of bulldog’ came back I was heartbroken. At this stage we were unable to even tell everyone our reasons why we started looking for a new home for our goegeous girl as we didn’t want to tell everyone our Australia plans until we were really sure – I’m sure that everyone thought we couldn’t cope with a newborn baby and a dog which just made it all feel even worse. Anyway, we found a lovely home for her in the end, I couldn’t believe we were saying goodbye to her so soon and I was SO devastated to say goodbye to her but I know she is well cared for now.

Anyway, it felt wrong that all this time she has had no place in this blog space since she meant so much to me!

Bye Molly, so sorry for giving you a confusing start to your life, miss you so loads xx

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