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Little antique chair completed!

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I’ve been busy over the past (what seems like lots of!) weeks doing up this little chair for’T’ I searched ebay, shops, antique stores etc and then came accross this one on ebay which I won for 5 pounds!!! (I had been bidding on others at 5 times that price so was really pleased when it arrived!

It is thought to be approx 100 years old and possibly and old school or church chair – I love that it has some history behind it and wonder how many children have used it! It took a LONG time to sand it down by hand (I hate that bit!)  was glad to paint it and then used briwax as suggested by my friend – it gives it such a lovely finish and I’m really pleased with it.

‘T’ seems to like it – her first reaction to it was to climb on it and stand on it! So it is in her bedroom for now – until I know she can be left safely with it in the lounge!

The little cushion was made by an old school friend of mine who we recently visited – I hadn’t intended the chair to match it but they are a prefect pair! Thanks so much for the cushion G – we both LOVE it and will treasure it forever!! xx

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  1. What a gorgeous chair – love the colour – and the little cushion is s sweet too.

  2. Such a sweet chair, all the sanding was worth it, it looks lovely. The cushion matches it so well too.

    Jan x

  3. What a difference! I think it has a Scandinavian look to it now Mich x

  4. You have done a fab job on the little chair, It looks brand new now.
    Well done you. xxxx

  5. wow great find! and love that there is probably so much history behind it – if only it could talk! :o) x

  6. That is beautiful! I think old children’s furniture can be hard to find because it was not always well treated. That one seems to have been quite well cared for and you did an awesome job on it. She will cherish it. 🙂

  7. Isn’t it amazing what a lick of paint can do! The chair looks lovely!

  8. You have done a great job on that chair – amazing what some TLC will do. The cushion is perfect to complete the look.

    Ali x

  9. That looks lovely, and sounds like very hard work with the sanding! wouldn’t it be nice to hear the stories the chair has to tell, here’s to many more years of use x

  10. I love children’s furniture and have a couple of pieces… it looks great in the bedroom 🙂

  11. This is really lovely and the cushion sets it off perfectly. I loved you “Molly” post too xx

  12. What a fabulous little chair, it looks amazing from how it started, and the cushion is perfect too. Lucky T!
    Jo x


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