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Goodbye Summer

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Well I was set for Autumn a few weeks ago – I packed away my summer clothes (oh maybe one day I will have a wardrobe big enough for all of my clothes!) and bought some pumpkins, made warming casseroles and soups for the freezer, collected leaves and conkers and read books with ‘T’ from the seasonal Autumn book basket – and then we have a week of really hot sunshine?! I wasn’t ready for that! Though the sun has now passed and the last peppers have been picked, the blackberry jam given to us from colleagues of my husband and the washing isn’t drying too well outside now that it’s rainy and grey outside, the butterflies, bees, wasps and flies seem to have disappeared and the evenings and mornings are getting rapidly darker.

Goodbye summer – I don’t think I ever really saw you properly but still hope to see you next year!


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  1. Wow, that photo of the washing line and the light falling is stunning!!!! And that casserole looks yum, I don’t suppose it’s suitable for veggies is it??? xxx

  2. Thanks Janine! I made that casserole with lamb chops too but gave them to S and T and I ate mine without – not that I can remember what I put in it?! That’s not very helpful is it!!


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