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Happy Birthday Mum!!!

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It’s been party time here this weekend, I arranged a surprise party for my Mum’s 60th, she really had no clue at all! Her best friends and family travelled from Scotland to London to come and some stayed all weekend too. I told a bit of a white lie and said that we were going into town for a meal and suggested popping into a nice pub on the way for a drink – she had such a shock when she saw everyone there and burst into tears!

I made some cupcakes and got the idea for a bunting cake from Pinterest – I photocopied the bunting that used to be up in T’s room to make it and also used her old bunting for decoration. It was SO nice to see my Mum so happy – she didn;t stop smiling all weekend. Love you Mum – Happy Birthday! xx

(Once again I’ve slacked a bit on the creative side – apart from these cakes all I have done creatively is a bit more knitting but pop over to Handmade Monday at 1st Unique Gifts to catch up with some less lazy creative-types!)


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  1. What a lovely surprise for your mum! Those cakes look amazing and the photography of them is fab too!

  2. Thank-you though I have one of these apps to thank for the photography! x

  3. How wonderful! Now where are the leftover cakes for the Handmade Monday team?

  4. You know, I loved your post so much it made me a little teary too! God bless that you were able to do something so nice for your Mom! What a lovely post. Thank you for sharing it. 🙂

  5. Cake, how we love cake. Cake is the answer to everything. Bet your mum was so happy!

  6. I bet your mum was so pleased. Cake looks gorgeous. Any leftovers??


  7. Pickle-Lily

    Lovely cakes and lovely ideas. Love the cake bunting idea.
    Jo x

  8. I remember the surprise party my sisters and I organised for my mums 60th, it was a great time and enjoyed by everyone, she is now 84 and still smiles when we talk about it. Memories are a treasure.

    I love the bunting and the cakes, they look yummy, bet they tasted yummy too.

    Jan x


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