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I’ve been looking for some flash cards for ‘T’ and couldn’t find any that I really wanted, I wanted to steer away from the princess themes and a lot of the pictures on them seemed too cartoon like (since when was a zebra purple?!) So I thought I’d make some, a few photos and a laminator is all it took and I’m really pleased with the result, plus it means that I can add to the collection now that I have a basic template made.

The Autumn leaves, conkers, acorns and other natural wonders will be a great Autumn project for ‘T’ and I, we’ll hopefulyl do a set for  each of the seasons!


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  1. this is a brilliant idea!! I dont have a kid lol but my friend who is french just had a baby and she wants me to teach him english. possibly not the best idea :p but I could make him these when he is older with the french word and the english words so he will be fluent in no time!! Fingers crossed. You have such a lovely wee blog. I love your daughters wellies!

    • Thanks Claire! I got the idea myself from the hours I have spent trawling over pinterest! Sounds like a good challenge to teach English to a French boy! Hope all goes well – you’ll have to let me know what you will do with the fabric! Oh and wellies on toddlers are a bit special aren’t they!! x


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