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MISSING the new beginings of Spring, I love the autumn colours but hate watching the garden die away and realise we need to say goodbye to summer.

LOVING my baby girl more and more each day and moment that passes. (how is this possible every day?!)

AMAZED at how much my little girl has acomplished and how far we have come in the 17 months we have known each other as a family.

EXCITED about Christmas in the not too far distant future – a few stocking fillers done and thoughts turning to things to make for presents at Christmas and the feeling of getting warm and cosy inside.

NERVOUS about the future and our plans to move to Australia, it all seems like a dream at the moment, though actually doing it will be SO scary and SO saddening to say goodbyes to my Mum, family, and friends (especially you, J x)

ENJOYING watching the rain pour down and curling up on the rug with ‘T’ whilst reading books together. I know I’ll treasure these quiet moments for as long as I live.

CELEBRATING nearly 3 years of marriage (well, next week!) and nearly 8 years of being together with my husband, happy anniversary gorgeous, I love you!! xxx

STOPPING more often to appreciate the evening light, a nice glass of red wine, the daily visit from a squirrel in the garden, my wonderful Mum, a smile on  my husbands face and every last inch of my perfect daughter. I must be getting old or something as I think I’m getting soppy in my age!

THINKING that I need to get better at running in order to get around the course for the Great South Run in October. I’m back into training now after not running for 2 weeks after hurting my ankle. I’m begining to get nervous!

CONTENT with who I am, what I want and how I am as a mother, wife and daughter, the 3 roles I want to to best in over anything else.

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  1. Don’t talk about goodbyes, we are going to miss you soooo much and can’t even begin to think about what it will be like after you leave!!! xxx
    Little T’s room is looking fabulous BTW, I am loving the new chair! Oh and is that the new horse rocker I see there finished???? xxx

  2. ok! will hold on the goodbyes for as long as possible!!! The horse isn’t finished but she loves playing with it so I have left it out for her to play with!


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