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Preparing for Autumn outside……….

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After a wander around town and a coffee with a very good friend we set to work in the garden this afternoon. Little ‘T’ was dressed in her dungarees to get messy in the garden whilst I removed the runner beans (that have now just about finished apart from the remaining 4 that were left and fed to the rabbit!).

We could feel that the season was changing, I could hear the geese flying away this morning whilst I lay awake in bed before I got up. The air was breezy and cool and there were some showers of rain again. She looked for tomatoes and strawberries to see if any were ripe – she loves finding a new red strawberry and being able to eat it straight off of the plant…….

Whilst I pulled down the beans and dug them from the ground, little ‘T’ played happily with her conkers, fir cones, sand, sawdust, acorns, sticks and sand. My husband was busy sawing and sanding at the bottom of the garden – in the process of making a little barn for her Ostheimer toys – we can’t wait until it’s finished!.

Every now and then, T would run to the bottom of the garden to show her Daddy a snail or an intresting stone that she had found. Once I had removed the beans she stomped, dug and played with the fresh soil for ages. This area is going to become her outside play area for the autumn and winter, until new beans are planted in the Spring next year. She had great delight in playing with the dirt until a wasp came along and stung her face twice. Luckily she didn’t have much of a reaction so she was okay!

A perfect Saturday afternoon!

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