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Longleat Safari Park

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We went on a little family trip out to Longleat Safari Park this week which is nearby to us. My husband took the day off work and we set off with a picnic and a sunny day. Unfortunately I have had a problem with our memory card and lost the majority of the photos I took, hence the delay in this post (why do these things happen on a day out?!)

We started off by driving through the safari areas, it was lovely to see how much space the animals had to roam around in and the monkeys actually climbed on top of the car (much to little T’s surprise!) We managed to get quite close to the rhinos and the zebra walked right past our car! Little ‘T’ was busy practising saying each of the animal names along with the noises they make!

Longleat House was really grand and impressive, along with the beautiful gardens. There were lots of other attractions including lots of small animals, the chipmunks sleeping in socks hanging up were very sweet! We didn’t have time to visit the huge adventure playground or go on the train but a picnic under a tree was a nice rest whilst T snoozed in her pushchair.

A good day all round!




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