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August garden update

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The garden is doing well now that we have had plenty of sunshine and rain recently. The runner beans have suffered a bit because of the strong winds so they look a bit messy now but they’re doing well and we’ve eaten them many times already as well as given them away to friends.

Little ‘T’ just LOVES playing in her sandpit – it’s about the only thing she will sit down to do for longer than a few minutes at a time(she was in there happily digging away for an hour the other day!)

The chilli peppers are doing well and there are several growing healthily, the different tomatoes species are all growing well though the peppers seem to have grown into miniature peppers and they’ve now stopped? (I’ve had to pcik a couple of tme off as they started to go red and off whilst still tiny?) The purple sprouting broccoli and brussels are being eaten by caterpillars, I have decided to let them do this as I would like ‘T’ to see the caterpillars as they grow and she loves to follow the butterflies around the garden.

‘T’ also loves to ‘help’ me to water the garden – she has her own watering can – similar to mine and she spends a long time going to each of the flowers and plants making a ‘shhhh’ noise (I think it’s supposed to be the sound of running water?!) and pointing her watering can in the right direction, I can watch her do this for hours and admire how cute she is and how fast the time has gone.


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