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Another tunic made

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I dressed ‘T’ in her Birthday dress/tunic today – well it’s more of a top now as she has grown so much! She looked so sweet in it that I thought I’d finish another one whilst she slept at lunchtime today, I started it ages ago and put it aside so it felt good to finally complete it. Don’t forget to check out the other blogs at ‘Handmade Monday!’


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  1. I bet she will look lovely in her dress… can just see it with her wrinkled tights (cos one year olds must wear wrinkled tights – it’s the law)… am impressed that you can run a dress up during her nap!

  2. The dress is lovely, so cute and nothing like the mass produced tacky stuff you see in normal shops. If I ever have a little girl I want to learn to make stuff like this!

  3. How cute is that!! Love it and can imagine her toddling around in it. I also imagined the slightly wrinkled tights, and fat nappy-clad bum!

  4. Very sweet little dress,a nd impressive you can make them so quickly!

  5. I love these tunics, they are so cute!

  6. What a sweet little dress! And Happy Birthday “T”!!

  7. I love the way you have contrasted the fabrics, very effective.

  8. That is really sweet, I agree with Ros, wrinkled tights are a must.

    Jan x


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