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Collecting sticks

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I’ve come accross some really inspirational outdoor play areas through pinterest lately and I’ve been inspired to make an outside area for little ‘T’ to play in, first of all we’ll have to wait for the runner beans to go over as that’s the area we will use. I have an old Loyd Loom bedside cabinet which I hope to convert into a mini ‘cooker’, I’m going to do some more hunting in charity shops for shapes and baskets and other containers, Grandma has kindly donated some tin pots for sorting and storing, and ‘T’ and I went out yesterday to collect some supplies in nearby woodland.

The aim was to find lots of different things to bring home with us, the she enjoyed the task of looking for sticks and then proudly carrying them to the bag so much that we didn’t get anything else, a nearby combine harvester was on the move and the noise kept grabbing her attention so she was pleased when we found it (apparantly it was a tracrot and not a combine harvester!).



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  1. It looks like she was having loads of fun, I can’t wait until my little one is walking so she can run around gathering bits and bobs! xxx


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