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Our weekend…..

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We’ve had quite a busy weekend so far. Yesterday morning I went out for a lovely run in the sunshine, I ran just over 5 miles and I was hoping to go further only the soles of my feet were begining to blister whilst I get used to this ‘barefoot’ running.

The rest of our Saturday included the usual daily chores, washing, cooking, hoovering, I cut my husbands hair, a trip to the shops and I made a braised lamb shank for Saturday night’s dinner. Unfortunately I picked up the saucepan after it had been in the oven for 3 hours, I did that last time too, I think I need to get a casserole dish instead as dinner didn’t taste so good with a hand so sore!

Little ‘T’ has been really suffering with her big teeth coming in these last few days so it’s been a bit harder to keep her entertained, but a walk through some lovely gardens and a picnic helped to cheer her up. She loved leading the way through the narrow paths, sometimes stopping to smell a flower:

I’ve also made another felt tomato as it has been a little while since I made anything crafty!:

Don’t forget to head over to have a nosey at all of the otherĀ blogs at ‘handmade monday’!

Now we’re off to the beach this afternoon……….


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  1. Your photographs are great, I love the way they show all the detail in the flowers.

  2. Little T looks to be thoroughly enjoying herself. Loved the tomato. Very neatly done.

  3. Sounds like you’ve been busy! Hope your feet heal quickly

  4. lovely photos,and that tomato is great!

  5. What a beautiful day and setting just perfect for a picnic.

  6. gorgeous photos, sounds like a good weekend – fab little tomato too!

  7. The tomato looks really cute, and the pictures are lovely!

  8. Sounds like a wonderful weekend – hope your hand and feet heal up soon!

    I love lamb shank – and even at 9.30am, I am now hungry reading your post!! Lovely little tomato and your photos are wonderful and really capture the moment beautifully.

    Ali x

  9. Sounds like a fabulous weekend, except for the sore hand of course! That tomato looks good enough to eat!

  10. Just enjoyed catching up on a couple of your posts, the vibrams sound great, pirates look fun and the beetle is fantastic.
    I love your photo’s.

    Jan x

    • Thanks Jan! The Vibrams are amazing! looking forward to a run tomorrow evening already!! And yes, the pirate ‘do’ was lots of fun, as was chatting about the beetle! Thanks for stopping by xx

  11. Your photographs are just lovely. Sounds like you had a great weekend picnic in the gardens and a trip to the beach- heaven.

  12. There’s something very appealing about fabric fruit (or is it a vegetable?) isn’t there, You’ll have to do a tutorial to show how you made it

    • I will do another post soon with some more I have planned to make – yes they are very appealing – the pattern is from a lovely Japanese book – a bit hard to work out as I don’t read Japanese but they’re pretty straightforward!


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