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Barefoot running – Vibram Bikilas

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After about 3 weeks of reading reviews and learning about the concept of barefoot running I have finally had my first pair delivered today, and OH they are fab! It’s very rare that I buy anything that isn’t from ebay or a charity shop so to buy a pair of shoes this expensive is a very rare occasion for me!

I’ve recently signed up to take part in the ‘Great South Run’ in October to help raise money for MS – my Father in Law has been diagnosed with MS since he was 24 and his partner is also affected by it so it’s a charity very close to home. I have been on a few 6 mile runs and I’ve recently been suffering from blisters, then thanks to Pinterest I came accross the wonders of Vibram Five Fingers and just had to get some!

I went for a 5km run as soon as I got them – it was probably too far as I think you’re supposed to ease yourself in very gradually but I’m nervous about letting my fitness level go down so decided on 5km! They really are absolutely amazing to run in! I was surprised at how super-comfirtable they are – I have read up on loads of reviews stating how they helped with back/knee/joint problems and I can totally understand why – it really does feel as though you are running barefoot so it feels like more hard work – though at the same time it feels ‘easier’ and you feel more ‘free’ – other reviews also report that they make you feel ‘more intune’ with your body and I totally agree (without sounding too strange!).

The Vibrams make you feel like you are barefoot so you don;t tend to stomp down so hard on your heel but run on the ball of your foot instead – it took a few km to get used to the different way of running and I’m sure it will take many more km to perfect it but I feel as though I know how to run better in them now – I felt every muscle in every part of my whole leg and bum working! I’m so pleased with them and I also hope that they’ll help with my posture as I suffer from bad neck and back pain…….fingers crossed!

Anyway, I’ll stop raving about them now – my husband has quoted that I could work for them and sell them with the amount I have raved about them recently! If in doubt……………get some!!! (I purchased mine from here and the customer service was fantastic – plus they were delivered in under 20 hours!)


If you’d like to help me on my way to raising money for this fantastic cause then please click here


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