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Race for life 2011

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This morning I took part in my 4th ‘Race for Life’ – a 5km run to help raise money for cancer research. There was a huge turnout of approx 2000 runners and as usual the sun was shining brightly! I used to run several times a week before being a Mum, but these days, as soon little one is tucked up in bed at 7pm I tend to catch up on the last of the housework and then flop and relax for the evening, I managed to get around the course in 29 mins – my slowest yet! – that will teach me for being lazy with the running. It’s always so touching to read the things that people have written on their backs as you run past, I attended the funeral of my husband’s grandmother on Friday who also had cancer and she was in my thoughts as I ran the course. So far I’ve raised over 1000 pounds, and I’m looking forward to next years’ event already.

Don’t forget to head over to ‘Handmade Monday’ – I’ve been spending too much time out in the sunshine to make anything over the past few days, though looks like rain is coming our way very soon so will have something by the end of the week!


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  1. well done on the race and congratulations on the sum raised xxx

  2. That’s an amazing achievement – a huge sum of money as well as a decent time considering you’re not running much these days! Well done and congratulations x

  3. Well done you! Thats a fab amount to have raised 🙂

  4. Mega kudos to you for taking part in the race for life, well done!

  5. Well done for completing the race (again), I did it once about 6 years ago and keep meaning to do it again. You’ve raised a great amount of money too which i’m sure will help make a difference. x

  6. I am so proud of you for these achievements, well done I would love to do this but would not even make it over the start line but admire anyone who makes a go of it.

  7. Such a good cause, well done for participating.

  8. Well done to you, and that’s not a bad time seeing as you are not running much now.

  9. Well done on raising such a large sum for such a worthy charity. A really good time especially if you haven’t had time to run.

  10. As with everyone else – well done. You must feel a great sense of achievement what with the sum you raised!

  11. Many congratulations on a great amount raised for such a wonderful cause. Kudos to you for taking part in four! (29mins sounds quick to me…)

    Ali x

  12. Congratulations on taking part and raising all that money!

  13. That’s a fabulous amount and well done in getting through in that time. I’m sure it would have taken me much longer.

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