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‘Handmade Monday’ First mini-quilt

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I have been regularly looking at all the fab blogs and goodies featured on the ‘Handmade Monday’ section of 1st Unique Gifts although I have been a bit lazy with the crafty stuff lately – something to do with the sun shining I think! Anyway, here is my first attempt at a patchwork quilt, it is very, very small but will be perfect for the doll and crib that little ‘T’ got for her Birthday in March. It’s not quite finished as you can see but I’m pleased with it so far, it’s made from the remnants of the bunting in her bedroom so even better that it’s made entirely from scraps!


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  1. Looks fantastic! Can’t wait to have a nose tomorrow, heehee! xxx

  2. Brilliant use of scraps,looks great so far, well done.

  3. Great way to use up scraps and I’m sure the dolly will be delighted!!

  4. great mix of fabrics will look lovely in the dolls crib xxx

  5. Well done on your first quilt, warning can be addictive.

  6. Excellent use of your scraps! Seeing it takes me back a long way – I made a doll’s quilt for my oldest daughter (now 27!)and she loved it. However, it turned out she didn’t much like dolls and her doll’s pram was always full of toy rabbits or cats so the quilt was well-used by the stuffed toys!
    Thanks for taking part in HM x

  7. Sorry, I think my last comment linked to a new blog I’m playing about with. Just ignore the link!! 😳

  8. What a lovely quilt if this is your first attempt I am very impressed and how lovely that it co-ordinates with the bedroom bunting. Caroline

  9. Great quilt and your daughter is going to have the most stylish dolly bed in the land!

    Love the fact it is using the old bunting too. What will the quilt become in its next life???

    Ali x

  10. I have always thought quilting was too difficult for me – forgot that you can just use simple squares with a great result! Will be getting my fabric scraps out…Nancy

  11. What a great idea for you leftovers… and what lovely fabrics, too!

  12. That’s so pretty! I keep thinking of quilting, but it seems intimidating.

  13. Thats Sew good 🙂 oops sorry I just needled that in didnt I?

    Great work and i wish i could sew.


  14. Wow I’m very impressed with your first attempt, its fab.
    Hugs Sue x

  15. little harriet

    What a great way to use your leftover fabric, it looks lovely.



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