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We took a trip to our local garden centre this morning to get something to stop the slugs and snails from munching on our runner beans and marigolds. I came accross this box of child and eco-friendly slug repellant, it’s made from recycled ceramic basins and toilets amongst other things. It doesn;t look too pretty but hopefully it will keep the slugs away.

The herbs are doing well from last year, we have orgeano, mint, thyme, bay and lavender, I need to get some chives and corainder out soon too. The peas are begining to look strong and the strawberry plants have flowered, the potatoes are growing very tall, I’ve even had to trim them to encourage them to grow outwards.Β 

The spring flowers have dies now, so the daffodils, crocus and hyacinths have gone for another year and in their replacement the tumbelina petunias, nemesia, hydrangeas, lobelia, geraniums, roses, stocks, peonies, prunella and many more have began to appear to replace them.

Now I must get on and make some more progress with the patchwork quilt I started, this sunny weather keeps dragging me away from it! Take a look at 1st Unique Gifts for some crafty inspiration.

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  1. OK, am now in total guilt trip… it is the garden centre for me and the window boxes etc, will be done. Hate to tell you but I am a stomper with snails and salt for the slugs… no prisoners are taken in my garden… WEG!

  2. good old slug pellets here or as I like to refer to it as a slug mine field. I did however get some tadpoles from my mums alotment and after a week of them in our barrel they seem to be doing really well so hopefully we will mamage to keep a frog or 2 in the garden and they will eat the slugs nothing more natural than that I guess.
    Your garden is looking really great and I am jealous of the fact you have so many flowers in full bloom. We are generally about 3 weeks behind the south of England for growth. I only put my peas into the ground about a week ago along with courgetes and onions aswell. Our early potatoes are just coming through the ground just now so still a way to go to catch up on you.


    • I am envious of the tadpoles! I am on the lookout here for some now! I am a bit impatient with the gardening so took a bit of a risk in putting the peas out early, but luckily I think we are over the risk of frost so was worth the gamble!

  3. Thank you for this post will have to look out for this product as hate the one where you have to keep pets away etc. Your plants are looking good and we are off to the garden centre tomorrow, mortgage please.

    • Thanks for commenting Caroline, I guess that smashed up old ceramic pots and plates would do the trick the same though I can’t say how well they are doing yet so will wait before I start smashing up plates for the same effect!

  4. Love your plant photos! πŸ™‚
    This reminds me of the things I’ve tried to keep slugs off plants in the past: holly leaves was one and eggshells was another. Neither worked very well! I hope your method is more successful. I refuse to use poisons on the garden.
    I have very few slugs in my current garden, but we have frogs absolutely everywhere you turn! The frogs seem to be keeping on top of the slug population and I can thoroughly recommend them!!
    Thanks for taking part in HM x

    • Thanks for the tips Wendy! I am about to do some research on attracting frodgs to our garden! We have a little stream at the bottom so hoping that will be a bit of attraction for them. I don’t like using poisons either plus would hate it if my little girl or one of the cats gobbled up one of those pellets.

  5. I am impressed. And the other night we were out and I saw 4 slugs on the sidewalk! Of course, being who I am I was only sorry I didn’t have my camera to get some photos. πŸ™‚ Good luck, I Hope that deterrent works. I always heard about using beer, but I’ve never tried that.

    • Thanks for the beer comment Susie, I hadn’t heard of that one but it’s def worth looking into – at this rate I’ll have drunken frogs in the garden!

      • I was in one of those pound shops the other day and saw slug traps, fill them with beer after you have dug them into the ground a little and the slugs climb in and wallow in it till they pass away. empty every few days. my only thing with this is that i dont drink so dont want to encourage the slugs either lol.

      • I’ve never seen them myself but get the idea – don’t know if my husband would be too pleased if he saw that I was sharing his beer with the slugs! he he

  6. Now I’m going to have to google that stuff to see how it works lol
    Great photo’s by the way πŸ™‚

  7. Your garden looks fab. We have been lucky so far – its been so dry here the slugs are hiding… but watch this space!

  8. Best of luck with the deterrent… if it works, let me know. I started the task of garden clearing this weekend and the amount of uglies I saw out there gave me nightmares.

    Your flowers look amazing! What’s your best tip? I kill everything in sight lol

    • So far so good with the eco-granules, some new leaves have started sprouting so a good sign so far (thank goodness!) Hmm, I’m not really the best person to ask for tips as I’ve just learned from trial and error (and what my Mum has told me) – I’m probably a bit to ruthless with cutting things back but it always seems to work (oh – apart from our hydrangea, I have since learned not to prune it unril it is well established late Spring!) Also, I started with the flowers that are easy to grow, cheap and last a long time!

  9. Let me know how the slug repellent works! I’ve been searching all over the internet for something to keep them away – having a terrible time of it. I came across this video, though and thought I’d share as it is hilarious and took my mind off the slugs for a bit! It even mentions the beer trick πŸ™‚

    Best – Carol

    • It looks like the slugs are begining to get past the granules, hoping that the tadpoles have a HUGE growth spurt and grow into frogs overnight to eat them up before the slugs eat all of my beans!!!! Thanks for the video! very unique!


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