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Some photographs from our Easter, we had a little Easter bunny hunt in the morning which Daddy had to help little ‘T’ with (and was much to my amusement!) Instead of chocolate eggs we bought a little book about Easter and a little duck family from the Ostheimer range, we have had lots of ducks at the bottom of our garden recently so thought it appropriate!

I have been a bit lazy over the past few days when it comes to making things, instead I have been lapping up the sunshine at any given chance and taking care of the garden, I have started to make a patchwork quilt but still have a way to go! Pop on over to 1st Unique Gifts for some handmade wonders! (click here for the link)


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  1. Everything is so sweet and beautiful, thanks for sharing. I miss having small children around for Easter, it was always so magic, to see their little surprised faces. It’s still a wonderful day, but not quite the same.

    • Thanks Susie, my little girl has only just turned 1 so doesn’t understand about the Easter bunny etc yet though can’t wait to get these little traditions started!

  2. A lazy weekend how wonderful and love the choccie cakes at the top.

  3. What gorgeous photos – thanks for sharing. Enjoy those lazy days!!
    Thanks for taking part in HM x

  4. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek, pigtails in little T’s hair!!! xxx

  5. A lovely Easter day. Much better when they don’t know about chocolate – 2 do, 2 don’t in our house!


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