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Creamy tarragon pie with garlic asparagus

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This was a hit at the dinner table yesterday and felt like the perfect dish for a sunny evening. I cheated and used the shop-bough puff pastry that you just roll out, so much easier and the pack did dinner for tonight too (will post about that tomorrow!)

Pie top:

Puff Pastry Top – Cut out a circle/square shape that you would like, glaze with a beaten egg or milk, bake in the oven for 20 mins or until golden, I did this in the morning so that I had less to do at dinner time, that easy!

Pie Filling 

Add to a pan the following:

250ml double cream

250ml white wine

1 tsp tarragon

1tsp parsley

1 x finely chopped onion

salt and pepper to taste

Simmer on the hob until the wine has cooked off (about 10 minutes), add more salt/pepper to taste if required.

In a seperate pan, add in the protein – I used 4 fish steaks (salmon, cod and haddock), chopped them into pieces and cooked in a drop of butter until tender before adding them to the sauce for a few minutes. You could use chicken, pork, tofu, mixed beans, quorn, vegetables etc as the creamy sauce is really versatile.


I cooked the asparagus by blanching them in a pan for a few minutes and then frying them with some butter and garlic – delicious!


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