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Decorated can planters

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After stumbling accross this photo at ‘Sweet Paul’ I wanted to make some pretty cans for herbs and things to grow in my kitchen, unfortunately I haven’t seen any of the printed cans like in this picture:

So I decided to use up some old bits of wrapping paper that I had left over and decorate some cans instead – a nice little eco-friendly way to brighten up any room!:

Have a look at ‘1st Unique Gifts’ for the ‘Handmade Monday’ section – loads of great goodies made on there too.

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  1. dreamstar - Lisa

    What a wicked idea. Unfortunately i am rubbish at keeping plants alive but my son has planted seeds this week so i may get him to make himself some groovy plant pots too. Brilliant

  2. I just LOVE altering items too! Great job, these look great!

  3. Wow, love these… I need to make some. Are there holes in the bottom for drainage?

    • Thank-you, there are no holes in the little cress one as it doesn’t really need drainage, and I have put fibre pots filled with herbs into the larger ones so there is a gap between the fibre pot and the base of the can for drainage – that way I can pop it outside to grow (unless it gets eaten beforehand!)


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