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Monthly Archives: March 2011

Wee Waldorf Feature

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A few weeks ago I was contacted via Etsy from Wee Waldorf, Luz bought one of the toadstool balls that I made and I donated a couple more needle-felted balls and an applique patch that I had sewn.  I have been featured on the website – hooray! The link is here and has loads of fun stuff.


March gardening

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Whilst little ‘T’ was having her lunch-time nap today I managed to get out in the gorgeous sunshine to tidy up the garden a bit, I have nearly finished painting the shed and garden furniture with a wood stain and got the vegetable patch and canes ready for growing some vegetables. I stopped to appreciate the pheasant in the garden next door to us, and my Mum’s cat came along to say hello as well. It’s such a good feeling to be outside again and appreciate the little things in life.

A morning walk

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Our baby girl has been ill and not able to do much so a morning walk to get us all some fresh air was a good idea today.

Red apple dress completed

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Another dress completed, decided to have a go at the applique part using my sewing machine this time. Hurry up summer so my girl can wear them!

Thrifty eating

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Since I have been a Mum at home and we have been on a big money-saving exercise, I have been trying to keep the food shopping bills as low as possible whilst still trying to have a healthy and interesting diet. I try to buy organic fruit and veg where possible and only buy organic meat (though we only eat meat a couple of times a week). I cook my babies’ own food and only use pre-made shop bought dinners for my daughter if we are going on a long journey or out for a day. I find it very satisfying to open the cupboard and fridge and cook with ingredients from scratch, we eat lots of different flavours, from Indian to Mexican and Thai to British, having a few basics, such as corn, lentils, rice, pasta and other wholegrains can go a long way, keep you healthy and save the pennies too.

Planting seeds

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After having a clear out of the shed (and free-cycling most of it) I found my seeds and gardening goodies. As we are planning to move away I thought I might as well use them all up in the garden this year and see what comes of them. I love this time of year when I can get outside more and start sorting the garden out, I seemed to spend most of last summer catching up on sleep as the sleepless nights were really quite bad throughout the summer so really looking forward to making it look lovely  and grow some veg again this year.

Finger Painting

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Finger painting was Friday morning’s activity – I think my little girl was a bit confused at the idea of squishing her hand into paint and then making a mess everywhere for a change, she took a little while to get the hang of it but then there was no stopping her. There is no better way to spend a morning and nothing more satisfying than to see your baby develop, explore, learn and laugh. Bliss!