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Baked chilli & parsley salmon with loaded potato skins recipe

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Here’s a nice and easy recipe which is easily prepared in the morning so there is very little to do in the evening, great with veg in the winter or a salad in the summer:


Use a large (a4 or bigger) pice of foil, place the salmon steak in the middle, drizzle with olive oil, parsley (fresh or dried) chilli flakes, a splash of lemon juice and season. create a parcel with the salmon and this can then be stored in the fridge and ready to pop in the oven for 20 minutes at approx 200C. Done!

Potato Skins:

half-bake a potato, cut in half and scoop out  the middle, mash the potato with red peppers, cherry tomatos and black pepper, add to the potato skins and top with mozzarella, bake in the oven alongside the salmon for approx 20 mins at 200C – Done!

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