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I have put together a very basic ‘green cleaning’ kit which I use most days and mainly in the kitchen, there were a few reasons as to why I did this:

a) The move to Australia that we are planning is meaning that we have really had to save our pennies and this little collections of cleaning products is so cheap to make.

b) The post which I read (from my favourite blogger – Eco-milf ) inspired me to make this kit and is also where you can find the ingredients to make one – click here for the link.

c) A lovely colleague of mine made me aware of how many products that are bought from the shops are tested on animals, I now try not to buy these products either (seems there aren’t actually many around which are not tested on animals) so this is a solution to that too.

d) I seem to have a large and colourful collection of cleaning fluids, sprays, bottles and potions under my kitchen sink – I’m pretty sure I don’t need them all and have decided not to replace one when it’s gone if I can make my own cheaper and greener alternative (unless it’s REALLY necessary!)

It works a treat, the essential oils can be used for many different things at home too. I knitted the dishcloth from bamboo which makes it really soft yet absorbent and looks much nicer on the kitchen side as well. I’ve started knitting abother one out of recycled green cotton, one to use whilst the other is in the wash.


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