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LOVE my Mum

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Now that the ball is well and truly rolling with our move to Australia, so are my emotions. The thought of leaving behind friends and family is so very upsetting, but the thought of leaving my Mum is almost unbearable. I know it’s the right thing to do for little ‘T’ above and before my own thoughts on if it’s right for my husband and I, the future for my baby girl in Australia seems so much more promising than the future for her in the UK.

Something as big as this move has really made me stop and appreciate my Mum, I expect like all Mums, at times you are the same, at times you clash, but right now, and from now on, I greatly admire my Mum for all that she has achieved and what she has done for me. If I can have with my baby girl the relationship that I have with my Mum, then I know I will have done a good job. Never have I known anyone to show me so much love and be so positive . She has taught me the most important lessons in life, and I know she put me first just like I will do for my baby girl.

From lavender to sewing, loving to home-making, Thanks Mum, for showing me how to be a Mum and for being the best Mum in the World, Love you x

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  1. Grace Gauld

    Now you’re going to make me cry Vicky. Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, I will always be there in heart and spirit with your stone in my pocket. All my love, Mumxxx

  2. Oh, a mother’s love tops them all! Good luck on your move.


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