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Spicy chorizo whole grain couscous

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This recipe has sort of evolved from a similar one which uses chicken though we find that the Chorizo sausage makes it much more tasty (also works well with any other sausage or meat). It only takes 25 minutes to cook and hardly any prep time at all so is great if you don’t have much time.


4-6 sausages (approx 400g chicken/meat)

1 x large red onion thinkly sliced

250g cherry/baby plum tomatoes

1 x mug soaked and cooked chickpeas (or a full can)

2 tsp chilli flakes/chilli powder

a glug of olive oil

600ml stock

400g whole grain cous cous

juice of 1 x lemon or lime

seasoning & coriander, parsley, thyme or oregano – depending on what meat is used


In a pre-heated oven (somewhere around 200C) add to a large roasting tin the tomatoes, sausages, onion, chickpeas, chilli and oil, cook for approx 10 mins

Add all remaining ingredients and mix up, return to oven for a further15 mins or until cous cous is fluffy (takes less time if not using whole grain)



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